RS Vision

The RS Vision is the perfect all-round family sailboat: Easy handling and sparkling performance. A great trainer, cruiser and club racer for young and old.

On lochs and lakes, in harbours and estuaries, there is absolutely nothing quite like messing around in boats. And there is a real RS boat to do it in. A boat that is tough and virtually maintenance free. A boat that is roomy, stable and great to sail. The RS Vision is that perfect family boat.

The RS Vision comes in 2 specifications: Vision S and Vision XL. The S has a durable Dacron sail and the XL has a performance Mylar main for racing and performance sailing. Both sails fit on the same hull, making it cost effective to upgrade as skills improve, and also more versatile for a range of sailors of all abilities. If you want more excitement there is the option of adding a trapeze kit and even an outboard bracket, so from leisurely family excursions to high performance sailing, the RS Vision is the best family sailing boat around.

“After 2 seasons of hard racing and regular cruising the Vison has lived up to the ‘maintenance free’ claim with only cordage to replace. The sailing performance has been excellent and she has proved to be easy to rig, easy to reef and remarkably comfortable to sail. All this with the bonus of excellent back up from the RS team.” Dave and Matt Hogben – Vision “Twenty/Twenty”