Summer Sailing


For the perfect combination of a relaxing holiday with a sailing focus we are proud to offer our 3-day sailing courses! These are designed for beginners who want to learn how to handle a sailboat in a relaxed atmosphere. To enjoy the sport as much as possible the training is mainly practically orientated. The course is therefore an ideal introduction to enjoy the freedom of sailing small boats.

Requirements: This program is designed for sailing beginners and requires no prior knowledge. Minimum age 8 years.

Tuesday to Thursday, afternoon tuition approx. 3 hours.

Course programme:

The welcome meeting is on Tuesday at 2.30 pm on the beach. Afterwards, an experienced skipper will take you and 4-5 colleagues on the boat for a first feel of the sail boat until 5:30 pm. We meet on the following weekdays at 2:30 pm for theory and manoeuvre training. At approx. 3:30 pm we make our way to the pontoon. Under the guidance of the sailing instructor you will set sail to your practice area. Training will proceed in a relaxed yet responsible manner with your instructor on-hand on a nearby motorboat.

IMPORTANT: Course changes possible due to weather conditions and group sizes.

Price: 145€ per person, kids until 14 years 116€ per person
Course contents: The basic manoeuvres such us tack, jibe, windcourses and correct sail position as well as rigging up the boat, mooring and beating.
The boats: The Galeon is a stable dinghy specifically designed for beginners training. This boat is the ideal boat for learning - stable yet sensitive to sail trim and weight adjustment without risk of capsizing!
Instruction material: An accompanying students workbook can be purchased for 5 € in our office.
Recommended clothing: Comfortable sportswear is recommended. Depending on the season, a sweater and a wind/rainproof jacket. Boatshoes or trainers are essential. High SPF sun cream is highly recommended.


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