Gottfried (founder)

Gottfried came in May 1970 as a young sailing instructor to the just founded NUR sailing station in Puerto de Pollensa. He can be called one of the tourism pioneers on the island. Under the station founder and then manager Uli Hübner, he learned the tools of his trade and the special new sailing school style. So away from the old ways, sailing and surfing in a relaxed and holiday-friendly atmosphere, combined with professional training. This recipe and his personal approach quickly helped the station become a success. As early as 1975 he was given the station management and the station soon became a showpiece in the industry. At the beginning of the 1989 season, Gottfried took over responsibility for the station and over the years he was able to make it what it is today - an excellent sailing and surfing school.
Gottfried not only has all the certificates and sailing instructor licenses, but is also an examiner for the DSV and the Federal Ministry of Transport for the official sailing and motor boat driving licenses. For many years he was on the board of the local Real Club Náutico (royal yacht club), sailing chairman, commodore as well as many years vice president of the Association of German Windsurfing and Water Sports Schools VDWS and a member of the VDS.