The history

OUR HISTORY - From 1970 to today
Actually it started in the winter of 1968 and it had nothing to do with sailing and surfing. The holiday planners at Neckermann + Reisen came up with the idea of ​​founding an in-house ski school while looking for new products. The new offer was so well received right from the start that they were now looking for ways to realize the idea of ​​sport on vacation in the summer. So it was a good thing that with son Peter Neckermann and managing director Rolf Pagnia, there were enthusiastic sailors at the top of the travel company. They hired a real professional in the form of the successful star boat sailor UIi Hübner, who was well known in sailing circles, and had him design a concept that was to prove to be extremely successful: the basic idea was to create sailing stations in coastal regions with particularly favorable wind conditions, in which Beginners in this sport as well as experienced sailors should be able to experience the entire fascination of sailing under optimal conditions - without conventional constraints in a relaxed, holiday-oriented atmosphere and still with responsible training.
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Gottfried and Uli Hübner, men from the very beginning
In the search for locations, one discovered, among other things, an area that one could not have wished for better: the Bay of Pollensa. It is not for nothing that the famous English circumnavigator Sir Francis Chichester, who later became a guest of "Captain" Uli Hübner in the sailing station, described the bay as one of the most beautiful sailing areas of all. Well, the town of Puerto de Pollensa also inspired the NUR holiday planners, because in contrast to many other places, which developed into large tourist centers with the hotel complexes that were created at the time, the old fishing village had retained its original atmosphere, charm and character. So it's no wonder that a NUR sailing club station was set up right here at the local Club Nautico.
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The initial fleet
That same spring, Gottfried Möller just wanted to go on holiday to Mallorca and soak up the sun; Little did he know how fateful this journey was to become for him. Sailing has always been his passion, as the Edertalsperre was right on his doorstep.
During his military service, he had already given many a private sailing lesson on his own 0-dinghy after work and then fulfilled his wish to sign up for a whole season at a yachting school on the Steinhuder Meer to share his sailing instructor experience and thus his hobby to be able to expand further. After that, the then 23-year-old resumed his training as a print specialist and enrolled at the advertising college in Kassel. The professional direction he had chosen should of course be continued. Now, during his vacation in Puerto de Pollensa, he unexpectedly not only came across a dream area, but also got to know Uli Hübner and his sailing station, which is currently under construction. He was happy to be hired to help train the first sailing guests. Soon he was so enthusiastic about "Käpt'n Uli", his unconventional sailing club style and the idea of ​​"Happy Sailing" that only a few weeks later he relocated to Mallorca with bag and baggage and finally turned his hobby into a profession.segelschule geschichte
The Extended Fleet
The initially modest fleet of four 470 dinghies (with wooden masts), a French Caravelle, three small 6m keel cruisers and the 7m flagship "Super Mistral" had to be increased as quickly as possible. Out of necessity, they developed their own training dinghy and had it built by a local shipyard - and one of the most successful training dinghies was born, the "GALEON". With the 13m yacht "Mariano" and skipper Roland, the era of cruise sailing began in the second year.
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Hagen Westphalia
Unforgotten for all long-distance cruisers was later "Käpt'n Tscha Tscha Tscha", Hagen Westphal, who went down in club history with the flagships "Happy One" to "Happy Six". But the gliding dinghy sailors should also get their rights: five new 470s then even lured the national team of the German Sailing Association to Mallorca in 1974 to get fit for the Olympics here. Puerto de Pollensa became the "in" meeting point for sailors and was also popular with sailing stars such as Bernie Beilken and Willi Kuhweide. The school developed into a flagship station for the NUR sailing clubs.
But it wasn't just the fleet and the number of sailing instructors that grew, the program was also constantly being expanded. That's how surfing found its way to Pollensa in 1974. Right from the start, special attention was paid to professionalism in everything. The training was carried out strictly according to the guidelines of the German Sailing Association and independent examiners from the DSV were regularly flown in for the sailing license tests.
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Before the Daina
Since the initiator Uli Hübner, as managing director of the company "Happy Sailing Water Sports Schools", which was founded in the meantime with NUR, was on the road a lot, Gottfried soon took over the management of the station. He was increasingly supported by his wife Gisella, who not only got to know and love the scenic beauty of Mallorca during a vacation trip in 1973...!
In 1975 the wedding bells rang.
In the mid-1980s, a crisis shook the parent company Neckermann so violently that the "Happy Sailing Water Sports Schools" had to set up on their own with Uli Hübner. The general decline in the water sports industry was also noticeable here in the following years and it became apparent that new ways had to be sought. So it happened that in 1988 station manager Gottfried took over the sailing school on his own and then founded today's SAIL & SURF POLLENSA station together with the Mallorquin Felipe Bellini, owner of the local surfing school. In the same year, the remodeling of the port also made it necessary to change location again. So it was fitting that a large mole was built on the newly heaped beach "La Gola", where the surfers had been based for some time, which offered ideal moorings for the galleons and Kiel cruisers. The attached beach was also made for the fleet of 470s and Lasers, as well as the increasingly trendy Hobie Cats. Now the surfers were no longer offside and a real sailing and surfing center was created. In the new school clubhouse - located directly opposite the station - there were classrooms, a booking office, a bistro with a cozy bar (initially known as "Cafe Chaos") and the club's own holiday apartments.
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Crown Prince Felipe - visiting Club Nautico - with Gottfried
The systematic renewal and expansion of the somewhat outdated boat park has now been tackled with new impetus. That meant new tailwind. SAIL & SURF became a fixed term for sailing and surfing holidays.
According to the motto: "Holiday without nice living is like sailing without wind!" Gisella created its own living ambience very early on, which specifically meets the wishes of sailing and surfing guests, be it with a view of the sea in Can Toni, the apartments in the clubhouse or the club complex in the green right around the corner.
In the meantime, sailing school associations and partner schools use the station as a training center just as much as regatta sailors. Over the years, a modern sailing and surfing center with a lot of personal atmosphere has emerged.
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Annika and Gottfried Möller
In 2004, Annika, daughter of Gottfried and Gisella, bought Felipe's shares. Not only did she grow into the profession from an early age, but through her studies in ship engineering and business administration she has all the prerequisites to lead Sail & Surf Pollensa into a rosy future. In the meantime, she's in control.