Our basic dinghy for everybody who wants to get in touch with sailing. If you take private lessons or the basic sailing course - this is the dinghy to start. Soon you will take the helm and feel the power of the wind and understand the fascination of sailing.

Minimum 2, maximum 4.
Children from any age allowed. If below 10 years, another adult besides the helmsman/woman must be onboard.
This boat does not require any sportiness.
Very stable sailing, almost imposible to capsize.
4,8 m length / 1,8 m beam / 0,61 m depth / 1,38 ton weight
Lifting heavy centreboard
Sail area 12 m2
Mainsail (slab reefing)
Furling jib (furling reefing)
No trapezing available.
No motor available.
8 boats
sailing beginner course
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