ILCA (previous Laser)

The Laser is one of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world. A commonly cited reason for its popularity is that it is robust, and simple to rig and sail. The Laser also provides very competitive racing due to the very tight class association controls which eliminate differences in hull, sails and equipment.
1 person
This boat requires a certain sportiness to adjust the weight trim and to get onboard after capsizing
Sporty sailing including capsizing
4,2 m length / 1,39 m beam / 59 kg weight
ILCA 7 (previous Standard) 7,1 m2 for 70-95 Kg crewweight
ILCA 6 (previous Radial) 5,8 mfor 55-78 Kg crewweight
ILCA 4 (previous 4.7) 4,7 m2 for 46-60 Kg crewweight
No trapezing available.
2 boats
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