RS 500

The RS500 is an exciting, award-wining double-hander with trapeze and asymetric– With popularity rapidly spreading and an awesome race and social scene, the RS500 is the fashionable favourite.

2 persons (100 - 140 Kg)
This boat requires some artistic agility to adjust the weight trim and athleticism to re-board after capsizing.
Sporty sailing including capsizing
4,34 m length / 1,58 m beam / 87 kg weight
Lifting centreboard
8,7 m2 dacron oder 9,5 m2 Mylar mainsail (no reefing)
3 m2 dacron oder 3,6 m2 Mylar-battened jib (no reefing)
14 m2 asymetric
Trapezing available.
5 boats
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