sailing beginner course

This course is designed for beginners to learn how to properly handle a sailboat in a relaxed manner and with like-minded people. The focus is on practical training and sailing fun. The course is therefore the ideal introduction to quickly mastering a boat yourself and being able to enjoy sailing.
previous knowledge/requirements
No previous knowledge necessary.
Monday to Friday morning. From Wednesday on, if the wind is stable, you have the opportunity to sail in the afternoon  free of charge (recreational sailing under supervision).
On saturday we offer free of charge recreational sailing under supervision.
course schedule
The course meets daily at 10.00 a.m. for theory. The boats are then rigged up. Under the guidance of the sailing instructor, you will set off and sail to the practice area where the training program will be supervised in a relaxed yet responsible manner until 13.30 p.m.
From Wednesday onwards there will be recreational sailing under supervision in the afternoon to practice the maneuvers you have learned. If you miss the afternoon, you won't miss a course unit, but at the end of the week these practical hours will pay off positively.
The highlight and conclusion of the week is the race for the “Pollensa Racing Cup” on Friday afternoon.
IMPORTANT: Changes to the course schedule are possible or necessary due to weather conditions or the number of participants.
course content
The basic maneuvers tack, jibe, heave, upwind, buoy overboard, take off/moor to the jetty, take off/moor to the buoy and take off/moor to the motorboat, windcourses, sail position and knots.
At the end of the course (usually Friday morning). the exam for the basic sailing license can be taken. This is a first important proof of experience with which you can rent dinghies in areas without official obligation. The exam fee of 25 € is paid directly on site.
recommended clothing
Boots or sneakers must be worn due to the risk of injury. Sporty, comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather. From October to April we recommend rain protection (jacket, trousers, shoes), in May, June and September a thin rain jacket/windbreaker. Plus sailing gloves, glasses strap and sunscreen with a high SPF.
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Life jackets are available in sufficient numbers and in a variety of sizes and are included in the course prices.
teaching material
We recommend the booklet "sailing for beginners" from the watersport association "VDWS international". It is the ideal teaching booklet for the course and to prepare for the exam.
Sale of books and booklets in our shop.
after the course
Now you are spoiled for choice! With the knowledge of the beginner sailing course you have the perfect basis for getting started with fast cat or gliding dinghy sailing, sports boat sailing or yacht sailing.


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